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Your technical innovation partner

ValoTec stems from the SATIE laboratory of the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan, close to Paris, France. The SATIE is the biggest laboratory in electrical engineering in the Paris area.

ValoTec develops for its clients, from start-up to large company, active Medical Devices, diagnostic and measurement devices.

ValoTec take action in various sectors:

  • Medical field (75% of the turnover) : Medical Devices, Active Implantable Device, Diagnosis, Preclinical and Clinical Evaluation Devices, …
  • Others domains (25% of the turnover) : Energy / Environment, Transport, Security, …

ValoTec is able to help and efficiently support its clients from the idea, concept or patent to and innovative product. ValoTec also work to improve existing devices, thanks to its experience and efficient method. This method begins from feasibility study to proof of concept and prototyping, leading to devices preproduction.

ValoTec carry out expertises to resolve problems during prototyping, industrialisation phases or product evolutions (components obsolescence, new regulatory constraints …)

ValoTec is able to achieve its projects thanks to its experts team, our experts network and our partner laboratories (University, ENS, Engineering school, National French Centre for Scientific Research …)

We provide a pragmatic approach, driving in parallel R&D, regulatory and industrial design. We allow our clients to reach tangible results with strong deadline and cost constraints.

ValoTec works on complex projects with various fields of engineering:

  • Analog electronics: small signal measurement, very low noise amplification, power, etc.
  • Digital electronics: microcontroller, FPGA, VHDL, digital signal processing, etc.
  • Sensors: design of sensors, calibration, corrections, etc.
  • Ultrasounds: ultrasound-based processing system, excitation, measurement, modeling, etc.
  • Telecommunications: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ISM, M2M systems (GPRS, GSM network, etc.)
  • Wireless Power: system design, production, test and operating optimization
  • Electromagnetism: system modeling and design, control/command and measurement
  • Fluid mechanics: turbine design, system dimensioning and measurement, etc.
  • Thermal engineering: thermal system dimensioning related to power electronics
  • Regulatory constraints: IEC60601, IEC61010, IEC62304, IEC60825, ISO14971 …
  • Design, ergonomic and mechanic
  • Ability to make the interface and involve external experts (laboratory scientists, doctors, lecturers, CNRS ) on precise issues (electronics, magnetism, optics, fluid mechanics)


ValoTec is approved for Crédit Impôt Recherche (CIR) and Crédit Impôt Innovation (CII) tax credits for research in France

Since June 2012, ValoTec is certified, ISO 9001 (technical devices) and ISO 13485 (medical devices) for consulting, development, manufacturing, and distribution.





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